Find the signal in the noise with Amplero’s new award-winning Audiences capability. As part of the Amplero AI Marketing Cloud, Audiences provides a longitudinal view of each individual customer based on their full breadth of behavioral and profile data.


Experience how leading innovation property owners use Edge computing, 5G, and AI to provide better service and delight tenants by predicting behavior patterns and usage, while improving operational cost through efficiency, automation, and optimization.


d.rect is building blockchain-native real-time billing software for telecom roaming. We offer truly real-time record processing at scale, support for UDRs and new format roaming (e.g., IoT, AR/VR), and smart roaming agreements that eliminate inter-carrier reconciliation.


EdgeConneX provides Edge Data Centers across a global platform that enhances the digital economy by enabling the world’s leading providers to serve their content, applications, data, cloud, and IoT solutions as close to their customers as possible.


View dynamic 3D scenes in FoVI3D’s light-field display. See 3D natively without viewing aids such as glasses, headgear, or eye tracking.


GridRaster showcases high-quality product visualization and collaboration in AR/VR on mobile devices (smartphone/smart glasses) by leveraging edge compute architecture. GridRaster provides the underlying compute and network stack which can be leveraged over AT&T's next-generation, low-latency edge cloud as we ramp up towards the 5G era.


More speed, more ease, more security with big data and video file transfer. latakoo, already the go-to workflow solution for broadcasters around the world, will launch a new video codec that prioritizes data efficiently, gaining quality and speed even in low bandwidth environments.

Lumina Networks

Lumina Networks presents their work with AT&T on Open Networking Automation Platform (ONAP). Lumina SDN Controller (LSC) provides abstraction services such that virtually any network element can be controlled by LSC (and thus ONAP), no matter how legacy or proprietary the network element.


See RealityCodec 300:1 compression with no latency. Cloud-based VR is an emerging application for cloud video encoding where applications are run in the cloud, and output is converted to compressed video streams for rapid transmission to untethered mobile users over 5G. The performance of cloud computers is 20x that of smartphone clients, bringing PC class performance to any head-mounted display.


Peer5, the serverless CDN, enables OTT providers to deliver high bit-rate streams at unlimited scale by leveraging WebRTC mesh networks, high-throughput UDP connections, edge computing, and 5G.

Rafay Systems

Visit the Rafay Systems (@rafaysystemsinc) booth to learn how the Programmable Edge can significantly improve application performance, drive distributed data ingestion, and attain instant, global scale for SaaS applications.

Twizted Design

In the shift from broadcast to streaming video, Twizted Design's Videoflow aims to be the leading platform for personalized and interactive video content. We help broadcasters to deliver new and unique viewing experiences to every viewer on any device.

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